Origin Edit

Meowth (Team Rocket)

Despite being a Pokémon, is an integral voice in the duo with Jesse and James. When I was a small Pokémon mutts, fell for a rich female Meowth named Meowzie. Knowing the difference between the two conditions prevented him from conquering it by normal means, he tried to impress her as he could, learning to walk on two legs and talk like a human, but it was there that he received the contempt it , now consider it an aberration. After that, he decided to join Team Rocket, as the organization name was the first word that Meowth learned to speak. His biggest enemy are the Persians, since the Meowzie changed by a Persian who led a gang of stray cats and welcomed after she was abandoned by her owner, plus the fact Giovanni have a pet Persian. Meowth is always inventing bizarre uses for Pokémon that he plans to steal the boss in exchange for a promotion, More Exits After Meowth of Team Rocket and Coaches Together At Pokemons (basically consisting in replacing the Giovanni's Persian).

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