James (in Japanese Kojiro) was born into a very wealthy family and his best friend was a Growlithe, gift from his parents. Until one day the parents of the boy James decided to marry a girl with rich, spoiled and extremely domineering personality, called Jessiebelle. Given all that, James ran away from home and decided to enroll in Pokémon Technical School, a school that teaches all about Pokémon. There, he met Jessie. Both, however, failed to pass the exams to enter the school and entered a gang of bikers in the city of Sunny, in which James was known to use a bike with training wheels, to join the famous Team Rocket. James owned a Koffing that evolved into Weezing and a Weepinbell which evolved into Victreebel. In Hoenn, and a handle Cacnea Chimecho, then a Mime Jr. In Sinnoh, took a Carnivine.

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